• 01October

    SiSu Welcomes Andrew Moen!

    SiSu Systems announces a new team member, Andrew Moen. Coach Moen completed his undergraduate degree in Health and Human Performance with a minor in coaching from the  University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He has previous experience working with Division-III athletic teams as well as with Catalyst Sports Medicine in Hudson, WI. Welcome Coach Moen!

  • 30August

    SiSu Welcomes Corey Sigler!

    SiSu Systems is excited to announce a new team member, Corey Sigler. Coach Sigler earned a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He completed an internship at Marquette University and lead the Strength and Conditioning program at White Bear Lake High School in Minnesota.  Corey received his CSCS certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and he has earned his USAW-L1SP certification through USA Weightlifting. Welcome Corey!

  • 28June

    EHS Volleyball Now Online!

    Episcopal High School Volleyball has taken their summer training to the next level and is now utilizing SiSu Systems' online technology powered by Student InfoHub. EHS has been a tremendous partner over the years and we are proud to have them on board with our latest version of the System. Good Luck to Coach Kimberly Adams and all her athletes with their summer training!


  • 24August

    SiSu Welcomes Christina Orcino

    SiSu is excited to welcome Christina Orcino to the team! Coach Orcino earned her undergraduate degree from Salisbury University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and obtained a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from East Carolina University. Christina brings energy and excitment to the SiSu Team. Welcome Christina!

  • 17August

    SiSu Welcomes Mark Highsmith

    SiSu is excited to announce the return of team member, Mark Highsmith, to their coaching staff. Coach Highsmith bring his knowledge, energy and exepertise to the Potomac School as well as Georgetown University. Congratulations, Mark!

  • 13August

    Welcome Regan Quaal!

    SiSu Systems is excited to announce a new team member, Regan Quaal. Coach Quaal will be joining the team for the 2016-17 season. He is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University. Welcome Regan!

  • 15September

    SiSu Welcomes Alex Badger

    SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, Alex Badger. Coach Badger completed his B.A. from the University of Iowa and was a S&C intern for the Hawkeyes football team. He brings his knowledge and passion for training to Episcopal High School. Welcome Alex!

  • 01September

    SiSu Welcomes Daniel Gaul

    SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, Daniel Gaul. Coach Gaul is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. He will be sharing is knowledge and passion for training with the student-athletes at the Potomac School. Welcome Daniel!

  • 25August

    Q&A With S&C Coach Brian Hess















    Former SiSu Coach, Brian Hess, was interviewed by the Sam Houston Bearkats. In his interview, he mentions SiSu's own, Augie Maurelli, as "the greatest motivator I will ever know. Augie was able to create relationships with his athletes that ran deeper than the weight room. They would often seek his advice for issues outside of athletics. His athletes were willing to do anything for him whether it was more attention to detail or dig deep during a tough training session."


  • 09April

    Honoring a Legend: Bill Starr

    Some called him Starr-Man, others Poppa, others Crazy...but there was no denying that the coaching tree and disciples of William A. Starr are far and wide.


    For the readers of this that may be of a younger generation, Coach Starr was a throwback – someone that challenged his athletes to perform using power and Olympic movements. He was more about work and effort than the bells and whistles. The results often spoke for themselves. Effort mattered to him more than talent. His philosophy of work "hardening" an athlete may be difficult for athletes in today’s time constrained, uber-organized, technology driven training environment. If you wanted to cheat a rep, that was on you; he didn’t need an intern to count your sets to know if you were getting the job done. Reclusive – absolutely. Controversial-mostly.  Stubborn — an understatement. But to those that knew him, trained with him, studied under him, only one word comes to mind: Legend.

  • 30January

    Set Your 2015 Goals

  • 05January

    SiSu Welcomes Bryan Lube

    SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, E. Bryan Lube. Mr. Lube brings knowledge and exepertise, having completed his Bachelors from Creighton University and a Masters from George Washington University as well as interning at Creighton University, the University of Maryland, and George Washington University. Welcome Bryan!

  • 26September

    Maurelli to Train Delle Donne

    Delle Donne picks SiSu's own, Augie Maurelli, to train her during the off-season


  • 23September

    SiSu Welcomes Dan Black!

    SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, Dan Black. Coach Black brings knowledge and expertise from The University of Maryland and George Washington University. He will support Coach Hoffman at The Maret School in Washington, DC. 

  • 16September

    SiSu Welcomes Chris Clyde!

    SiSu is excited to announce a new Team Member, Chris Clyde. From 2010-2014, Coach Clyde has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Delaware, Princeton University and most recently for the United States Military Academy athletic department at West Point. Chris brings with him a tremendous amount of knowledge, passion, and expertise, which he will share at The Potomac School in McLean, VA.

  • 11August

    SiSu Welcomes Ben Hoffman!

    SiSu welcomes new team member, Ben Hoffman. Ben is currently a strength and conditioning coach at Georgetown University and joins SiSu as a consultant. He holds the following certifications: SCCC, CSCS, USAW, and FMS. SiSu is excited to have a former NCAA student-athlete as well as passionate strength & conditioning coach join their team.

  • 31July

    The Athlete's Plate

    Tips for Maximum Performance!

  • 24July

    SiSu Welcomes Matthew Falkenham

    SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, Matthew Falkenham. Mr. Falkenham brings knowledge and exepertise, having completed both his Bachelors and Masters from George Washington University as well as interning at GW and Georgetown University. 

  • 13June

    Let Our System Work for You!

  • 27May

    SiSu Welcomes Cheryl Cox

    SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, Cheryl Cox. Ms. Cox brings a strong energy, knowledge, and passion for coaching. She will lead all strength & conditioning at the Maret School in Washington, DC.  

  • 11April

    2014 Villanova Strength & Conditioning Clinic

    The 2014 Villanova Strength & Conditioning Clinic will once again feature top notch Strength & Conditioning Coaches who will not only be presenting on how they make their programs so successful, but demonstrating some of the key components that help them stay on top!


    This year’s presenters include:


    > Jeremy Scott, Temple Football – “The Off-season Training Program of Temple Football”


    > John Shackleton, Villanova Basketball – “Off-season Jump Training”


    > Mike Hill, Georgetown Basketball- “Full Year Training Concepts and Defensive Skills Training with Georgetown Basketball”


    > Adam Feit, Reach Your Potential Training, Inc– “Speed and Agility Training for the Non-Track Athlete”


    So, come join us on Saturday May 3rd, 2014 on the beautiful campus of Villanova University and take YOUR program to the next level!




  • 19February

    Maurelli Interviewed for Hibbert Article

    Some of you might miss the articles in Sports Illustrated this month with all of the swimsuits, but make a point not to! SiSu's own, Augie Maurelli, was interviewed for the article on Roy Hibbert.


  • 07February

    Recovery #4: Revitalize

    Replacement of vitamins and minerals is just as important as consuming fluids, protein, and carbohydrate. Athletes need vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to maximize performance – all of which is found in food. By following the Athlete’s Plate for meals and snacks, it will ensure you are providing your body with the nutrients it needs.

  • 02February

    An Interview with Augie Maurelli

    Each year the holiday season arrives, and with it, we see many of our friends and colleagues fired. This is the profession that we’ve chosen. As my father said to me, whenever you get a new job, be pr

    epared to get fired and have to find a new one.


    Often, coaches are fired for problems and issues outside of their control. In many cases, we see good coaches fired and replaced by assistants or former assistants. While it’s not fair, we all must be ready to

    be the fired or the hired. This is our reality, so we must ask ourselves, what do we do when we take over? To answer this question, I leaned on two friends of mine (as most of you know, I like to hear others’ voices and learn from them). These friends are Adam Davis from the University of Tulsa and Augie Maurelli from the University of Delaware.


    Read the interview: http://bit.ly/1eqzYOb

  • 29January

    Recovery #3: Rehydrate

    Stay well hydrated by checking out your pee! Hydrating before, during, and after training will help you stay well hydrated. If you can weigh yourself before and after training, do so. The athlete’s goal: replace lost fluids by consuming 16-24 oz. fluids per pound of weight lost during physical activity. Utilize sport drinks or salty foods to replace electrolytes when training for >1 hour. 

  • 24January

    Recovery #2: Refuel

    Carbs are the primary fuel source for high-intensity training. To ensure you are able to train or compete consecutive days, consume a refueling snack of 0.5 grams carbohydrate per pound and follow-up with a carbohydrate-rich meal a few hours later. Remember - the amount of carbs needed to refuel the body will also depend on the intensity and duration of your training.


    How much do I eat?

    100 pounds: ½ Bagel with Peanut Butter, Banana

    150 pounds: 8 oz. Gatorade, ½ Bagel with Peanut Butter, Banana

    200 pounds: 12 oz. Gatorade, Bagel with Peanut Butter, Banana

    250 pounds: 24 oz. Gatorade, Bagel with Peanut Butter, Banana

    300 pounds: 24 oz. Gatorade, Bagel with Peanut Butter, 2 Bananas

  • 14January

    Recovery #1: Repair

    Repair damaged muscle and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Aim for approximately 20-25 grams of protein that contain leucine (2.5 grams), an essential amino acid. Muscle recovery occurs over 24-48 hours, so provide small does of protein over time rather than one large dose of protein.


    Excellent Repair Foods:

    * Low-fat milk

    * Greek yogurt

    * Cottage cheese

    * Hard boiled eggs

    * Turkey & cheese roll-up

    * Tofu & dark-leafy green wrap

    * Smoothie with whey or soy protein

  • 03January

    It's Finally 2014! What are Your Resolutions?

    Here are 5 top picks...


    1. Sleep More. Even an extra hour a night will increase your alertness and reaction time.


     2. Eat 5 A Day. Extra fruits and veggies will help boost your immune system and decrease inflammation.


    3. Stay Hydrated. Carry a water bottle and drink fluids with all meals and snacks.


    4. Limit (or better yet, omit) Alcohol. It might seem fun at the time, but your training and physique will suffer.


    5. Cut the Crap. This could be the processed/fast food you eat too frequently or the numerous excuses for why you don’t meet your full athletic potential.


    Whatever your resolution, commit to it by writing it down somewhere you will see it daily. Set reminders in your phone, post-its on your bathroom mirror, or motivational quotes on your fridge.

  • 29October

    Protein Before Bed?

    Get the edge with this easy performance fix for post-training recovery.

    * Eat protein with each meal (including breakfast): minimum of 20-25grams.

    * Consider protein consumption (as tolerated) during training.

    * Recover from training with minimum 20-25grams protein.

    * Consume 20-40grams protein before bed.

  • 24September


    Every athlete needs motivation. What's yours?

  • 23September

    Picking a Protein

    The majority of athletes like to eat protein, so the biggest concern isn’t the quantity of protein, but rather the frequency of consumption. Athletes need to pay more attention to eating foods with protein throughout the day, and especially in the morning. Pick lean, high quality (i.e. a whole protein = all essential amino acids) proteins. If you are a vegetarian or vegan – you need to pay even more attention to your protein choices.

    Top Tip: Aim to spread protein choices into 5-6 meals/snacks throughout the day.

    High quality protein choices:
    Lean meats, chicken, and poultry (less than 10% fat), fish, eggs, low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.

  • 30August

    SiSu Welcomes New Team Members

    Dave Terry and Mario Pilato recently joined the SiSu Team. Mr. Terry will be coaching at Episcopal High School and Mr. Pilato at the Potomac School. Both individuals bring enegy, knowledge, and a love of training to the team.




  • 21August

    Variety with Fruits & Veggies

    Some athletes forget to eat them, while others think they are gross, but for the majority, you get them in, but just not enough! Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all things that help keep an athletes’ immune system high, inflammation low, and overall performance unbeatable.



    Top Tip: Every meal and snack should contain a fruit, veggie, or both.


    When choosing fruits and vegetables, nearly all of them a great choices. Aim for the rainbow by picking at least one dark green and one bright red/orange veggie each day. As for fruit, switch it up and try to consume at least 3 servings each day (and yes, 100% fruit juice does count).

  • 09August

    Being a GREAT Athlete

    It may be debated, but most GREAT athletes put a lot of hardwork into their sport to be the best. University of Delaware football alum and SiSu athlete, Paul Worrilow, has proven that dedication, training, and a pristine diet can be the difference!


    Next time you wonder "is it worth it?" Ask yourself if you want to be a GREAT athlete or just good enough.

  • 01August

    Getting the Most from Grains

    When choosing food think of it as fuel. You are NOT going to put regular gasoline into an expensive sports car; you are going to fuel it with premium gasoline. Think of yourself as an expensive sports car. Maximize your PREMIUM grains by reducing the amount of REGULAR grains, such as fried foods, refined flours (the white stuff), and refined sugars (pastries, baked goods, and candy). Remember you spend a lot of time and energy training so why fuel yourself to get reduced results?

    Top Tip: Aim for at least 50% of your grains to be whole grains


    Examples of PREMIUM grains that you should fuel-up on:
    Brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain crackers, whole-wheat bread/bagels, quinoa, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, whole grain cereals (Cheerios/Raisin Bran/Kashi), and corn.

  • SiSu is excited to announce a new team member, Mark Highsmith. Coach Highsmith brings knowledge and exepertise, having completed his Bachelors from East Carolina University as well as interning at Georgetown University. Welcome Mark!