SiSu Systems offers various solutions for training, staffing, consulting, and sports nutrition throughout the United States. For technology support, our services can reach you wherever you are.

  • Business Support Services (BSS)


    Our Business Support Services (BSS) is a bundled approach geared to helping your company, no matter how big or small, become more effective, efficient, and profitable.  We partner with individuals, small businesses, and companies to provide Business Support on several layers.

    Staffing & Support - Whether you are looking to outsource staffing to aid in fiscal pressures, want flexibility in your staffing approach, or need peak hour optimization from a manpower perspective, SiSu can work with you help offset and manage your operation.  We provide full-time, part-time, seasonal, and intermediary staffing, trainers, and coaches for your school, fitness center, or performance facility. We have managed to help save organizations tens of thousands of dollars while actually improving the level of service through creative and strategic staffing implementation.  Let us help you provide a better service and increase your value proposition through our staffing matrix assessment and creative internship and staffing solutions.

    Marketing - Every company or small business could use some insight on how to better market their product without losing control of their identity.  SiSu Systems provides a suite of technology products that enable you and your company, no matter how big or small, the ability to create, manage, and track your marketing and customer initiatives.  From Website design and social media integration, to client relationship management tools, and content management - the SiSu System(TM) in conjunction with our ConnectUs iHub (TM) can provide the tools and technology to enable you integrate, manage, and control all of your business tools.  If you are looking to increase customer reach, provide greater service depth, or simply want to centralize your information, our scalable technology approach will help you integrate your business lines and simplify your business without having to outsource across your operation.  Transition your business technology back into your own hands and eliminate costs at the same time.

    Business Integration - SiSu Systems has been providing back office support and business services to High Schools, Universities, Camp Businesses, and Personal Businesses for over a decade.  The SiSu System (TM) in conjunction with our ConnectUs iHub(TM) enables seamless communication and ease of business duties to everyone involved.  Camp registrations, roster management, online payment flexibility, and even merchant services can all be managed and handled through SiSu, enabling you to do what you do best - service your customers.  SiSu offers Personal Training, Group Training, Camps, Clinics and Special Event Umbrella Insurance at a fraction of what most camp businesses are forced to pay. Decrease your operating costs and increase you offerings by partnering with SiSu and explore how we can aid in your company's reach, point of sale experience, financial integration and reporting.  If you are thinking about entering the camp market or personal training market - or looking for an easier way to do it - contact SiSu and reduce your entry costs, accounting costs, banking fees, insurance needs, and back office needs immediately.

    Consulting - With partners in the Big East, Big 10, ACC, CAA, and USAW, SiSu has the best and brightest in the world of sports performance at your disposal.  If you are a school looking to add or increase your fitness/S&C area, planning on a new facility, or think you might need to adjust you facilities footprint, we can help.  SiSu has acted as a third party consultant and can provide you with autonomous insight that will help you stay current not only today, but into the future.  Services such as weight room or facility design, program management, RFP Creation, vendor selection, budget analysis, needs assessments, or if you just need some help gaining insight on best practices, we will give an honest, unbiased approach that will guarantee success. Everything from advice on a training modality, to fundraising strategies for a capital campaign - we can help.  Don't rely on vendors or friends to sway your decision process - trust the experts that have paved the way to today's performance market.

  • Performance Training Services (PTS)


    Performance Training - SiSu’s unique corporate structure allows any aspiring athlete to be trained with state of the art techniques and an old school work ethic. SiSu offers several training services, so regardless of whether you are an aspiring college athlete, a highly motivated group of training partners, a club travel team, a high school team, or an entire school looking to improve, SiSu has the coach, the facility, and the group of athletes to help you succeed. Strength Development, Speed & Agility Enhancement, Vertical Jump Training, Performance Nutrition, Flexibility & Mobility, and Mental Preparation are just some of the training tools we can utilize with our athletes. Contact SiSu for an evaluation on your entire athletic wheel - and let us map out a game plan that is right for you, your team, or your department. Note to potential athletes:  We do not provide standard programs and have no intention of selling you the latest gimmick in an effort to stay current. We use research-based, established methods and a long-term approach in an effort to maximize your potential. If you have any questions on our training, or to learn more about any of our training offerings contact us today

    Individual Training - A decade ago SiSu was created to help college athletes’ transition into the world of professional athletics.  We have trained world-class athletes in the sports of Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Squash, to name just a few.  Our client list is long and proud and all Alumni of the System will attest to our highly customized individual training with a strong emphasis on accountability and improvement.  You will get one-on-one attention from the same coaches the pro’s go to at a facility where there is nowhere to hide.  Athletic improvement is a two-way street so if you are willing to work, we will do whatever it takes to ensure your success on the field or court.  If you want to see the White Buffalo - contact a SiSu Consultant today - and bring you work ethic. Our rates vary based on city, coach and location but we will work with you to make sure you get the best experience in athletic development.

    Group Training - For many, training in a small group not only provides a competitive environment to the training, but makes it easier for athletes to find transportation and decreases costs.  If you and some friends are looking for an edge - or if you are tired of training alone, contact SiSu for our semi-private or group training.  We provide custom programming to small elite groups looking to gain an edge.  Our coaches understand that training is not a one-size fits all approach - so this is not a “class” or group session.  Team up with like-minded athletes and get working on taking your game to the next level based on your group’s needs.

    Team Training - If you are a coach looking for a day, weekend, season, or year round training sessions for your team or department SiSu would like to help.  Almost every consultant at SiSu played and coached at the collegiate level.  We understand the importance of team chemistry, building a sports program, and the unity a team approach can provide.  Nothing frustrates a coach more than someone trying to take your athlete from you in an effort to undermine your program.  SiSu takes a partnering approach and comes to your location and provides insight, innovation, and accountability.  As an extension of your staff, we can enhance your training environment, assist your instruction, and improve your team’s morale without confusing or undercutting your team dynamic.  Both off-site and on-site training are available and we can provide assistance in program design, workflow, and goal setting, to name a few. 

    Camps & Clinics - One-day camps and Coaches’ clinics are a great way to present information and introduce a training cycle.  If you are considering a combine or evaluation day, a one-day speed clinic, or would like to provide staff development to your coaches, let SiSu customize a program that meets your school or team’s needs.  We have partnered and created camps and clinics for universities, high schools, and elite travel teams across the country.  We can provide a turnkey event that includes marketing, payment collection, and fundraising, or we can simply find the speaker that is right for you; no program is too big or too small.  Let us help you master your 40-yard dash, integrate agility training to your conditioning program, leverage Olympic movements for explosion, or simply help institute new warm-up modalities. Your camp or clinic is our concern!

  • Performance Nutrition Services (PNS)


    About Our Nutrition Services
    SiSu’s Sports Nutrition Services are designed and implemented by Registered Dietitians.  Before you hire a self-proclaimed “Nutritionist” contact SiSu.  We provide individual, group, or camp support and our offerings range from weight gain or weight loss, nutrient mapping, custom meal strategies, body composition analysis, and sports supplement consultation and planning. Our services may be on-site or remote depending on your needs. We do not partner or align with supplement or food companies. Our dietitians follow evidenced-based research to create an individualized plan for each client. For a proven approach to Sports Nutrition or to inquire more about nutrition services and receive a quote, please contact us.

    Individual Nutrition Services

    Non-Insurance Rates
    Initial Session (90 minutes): $150
    Follow-up Session (45 minutes): $100
    Remote Session (45 minutes): $60
    Additional 15 minute increments: $30

    Discounted Packages Available.

    Our individual nutrition services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance. Please check your coverage carefully by calling the member services number on the back of your insurance card and asking the following questions:

    • Do I have nutrition insurance benefits with a Registered Dietitian?
    • Do I have a co-pay and if so, how much is it?
    • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
    • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

    We currently accept these insurance providers:

    • Amerihealth
    • Highmark
    • Independence Blue Cross
    • Keystone Health Plan East

    If you do not see your insurance plan listed here, please contact us to find out how we might be able to work together.

    Cash, check, debit card, Mastercard or Visa.

    Cancellation Policy
    If you do not show for your scheduled appointment, or you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay a $60.00 fee, as we will be unable to bill your insurance company for this.

    Group & Camp Nutrition Services
    Our Group & Camp Nutrition services are tailored to the needs of the client. To inquire more about our services, examples of past programs and receive a quote, please contact us.

  • Technology Services and Systems (TSS)


    The world of Sports Performance is evolving at breakneck speeds.  Sports Science, Training Concepts, Department Philosophies, Data Analysis, Group Communication and Content Management all have to be seamless and instant to be effective with today's athlete.  SiSu has a suite of technologies geared to making your program more effective.

    Programming - If you have ever tried to write and distribute a program to a team on paper, or provide a sub-group of training within your program, you probably understand the time, attention, and strain it can put on you and your staff - if you have one.  SiSu offers a programming suite that allows goal setting, tracking, and program modification in real time.  Instruction (yours or custom) can be integrated and it all can be provided online, via smart phone, or through a tablet.  Take your strength and conditioning program out of your filing cabinet and use our real-time interfacing for your lifting, running, and recovery needs.

    Report Generation - Your training program is only as good as its' results.  And to manage your data and provide meaningful analysis takes time and effort - not to mention acumen for managing spreadsheets or other cumbersome software.  Create and manage your program through customizable reports.  Segment your training group, introduce injury reports, or provide status updates to college coaches or NFL Scouts at the click of a button.

    Team Communication - Today's athlete is far beyond email and phone calls for accessing information.  As a result, programs now need a technology that can handle the burden of text messaging, social media, and other emerging technology.  SiSu along with ConnectUs iHub(TM) technology can enable you to communicate both internally to your team and externally to your constituents without changing platforms.  Shared calendars, mass communication, and website content can be easily updated, changed, and administered through our content management system.  Whether it's a change in practice time, a new workout video, archiving game plans, or a change to your training program - it can be stored, tracked, and handled in one place without the need of multiple platforms.

    Distance Learning - While there is never a replacement for sitting down one-on-one with an athlete or coach, today's demands make that type of interaction difficult.  Getting your film distributed or spending time with a mentor can take time you don't have.  SiSu's technologies offer ways to integrate conference calling, video sharing, webinars, and other platforms to help you stay on task and home in time for dinner.  If you are a coach, strength or sport, and need a better way to spread your work - consider partnering with SiSu. 

  • 1-Click-Camps


    The SiSu One Click Camp Technology module allows you to plan, advertise, market, sell and execute your camp under the SiSu umbrella.  SiSu will provide you with all the back-office and administrative support you need to run your camp without the headaches of creating your own business entity. SiSu can provide any or all of our Business Support Services (BSS) based on the size of your organization and the needs of your particular event. If you are considering a one-day, multi-day, over-night or series of camps and clinics - SiSu can help!

    Our Customizable Business Solutions include:

    • Customized Webpage for Marketing
    • Online Registration and Roster Management
    • Credit Card Payment, Merchant Services, and Employee Payroll
    • Certificate of Insurance and Liability Coverage (with approved application)
    • Increased or Supplemental Insurance Coverage
    • Assistance in leveraging locations and venues for you Camp or Clinic
    • Background Checks for Camp Staff
    • Real Person Professional Support via web and phone
    • Vendor and Facility Integration

    Whether you are new to the camp business and need assistance, or are a seasoned veteran that would like to align with someone that can handle your business support - SiSu can reduce your fixed costs, increase your presence, and leverage your skills to provide a more effective and efficient experience for your coaches, athletes, and parents!

    If you would like more information please complete the following and a SiSu Clinic Consultant will be in touch within 24 hours: